Green maidenhair fern plant

Light and lacey maidenhair fern which has many fronds making this full looking plant. It is an excellent green colour and a very good replica of the real thing.

Approximate height of plant including the stem is 40cm, but may be a little taller if you don't curve the fronds. To gain the most realistic look, we suggest gently spreading the fronds and curving them slightly to gain a natural and full look. The width when opened like the picture will be approx 40cm.

The leaves are made from a fine and plyable latex plastic product, which are attached to wire stems which can be gently bent to shape curves to your plant.

Don't be put off by the word "plastic". This new range of plants are perfectly constructed using this soft latex plastic, as you dont see wires on the back of each little leaf. It gives a movement and texture to them that makes it look and feel very real.

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