Ivory white Peony Bouquet with crystals

This classic posy bouquet of ivory white peonies is finished with a lace covered handle.

The peonies are a mixture of open blooms with some tighter ball shaped buds as well.

This price includes the crystals which are scattered through the flowers and also hang down in strands and loops from the bouquet.

If purchasing "loose flower stems only" to make your own bouquet, you will receive the crystals loose. You will need to thread them on nylon thread and wire them through the bouquet to acheive the same look as our professionaly arranged bouquet pictured here. Ribbon and lace for handle are NOT included

Product Options Price (NZD)
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Ribbon Binding $100.00
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Twine Binding $100.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Ribbon Binding $150.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Twine Binding $150.00