Blue pink and ivory posy

Ivory peonies with a blush of pink, mixed with white hydrangea which is also blushed with a very light pink in some places. The blue hydrangea is a dusky blue, but has quite an impact against the ivory flowers. There is also a touch of pink Queen-Annes-Lace flowers among the bouquet.

Average sized posy measuring approx 26cm accross the flowers and stands 35cm tall. The flowers are full and lush giving it a bigger look. The ribbon handle can be changes for twine if required.

Product Options Price (NZD)
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Ribbon Binding $110.00
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Twine Binding $110.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Ribbon Binding $150.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Twine Binding $150.00