Blue and white peony bouquet

This dreamy and soft feminine bouquet is created from pale blue hydrangea and white peonies. Both flowers have a touch of soft green on their petals making them the perfect match together. This is an average size Brides bouquet. This example has crystals threaded through the flowers which cost $25.00 extra and have not been included in the purchase price. The 2nd image shows a matching flower girl posy priced at $30.00 but this is not included with this product and must be ordered separately. Some of the flowers in this style of bouquet have been re wired by the florist from their original form to achieve this look. Remember this if purchasing the single stems to make it yourself.

Product Options Price (NZD)
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Ribbon Binding $130.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Twine Binding $130.00
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Ribbon Binding $87.00
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Twine Binding $87.00