Apricot peach and Ivory white large bridal posy

This generous sized round bouquet is full of gorgeous roses and buds, peonies and David Austin look garden roses. Finished with a loose collar of grey leaves around the base, the overall look is dreamy and soft with mixed shades of cream, ivory soft peach, apricot and soft gold hues.

The bouquet measures approx 26cm accross the top with some of the grey leaves extending a little further than this.

If purchasing loose flower stems to make your own bouquet, remember the foliage has all been re wired by the florist to achieve this look.

Product Options Price (NZD)
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Ribbon Binding $128.00
Make Own Bouquet - Loose Flower Stems Only, Twine Binding $128.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Ribbon Binding $175.00
Professionally Arranged Bouquet, Twine Binding $175.00